The Yam Crop

The Yam Crop

Yam is a root and tuber crop popularly grown in West Africa and rich in carbohydrate.

For it to thrive well,yam requires a temperature of 25 degree centigrade to 30 degree centigrade,rainfall of between 100cm to 180cm per annum,abundant sunshine and a well drained sandy loamy soil rich in humus.
Early yam can be planted between November and December ,while late yam can be planted between March and April.

Yam seeds are usually planted at a seed rate of one seed per hole.
Yam seed is planted into a dug hole on the ridge with the cut surface turned upward and slantly placed at an angle of 45 degree centigrade before covering it with soil.

Regular watering,weeding ,staking and training of the vines are practised throughout the post planting operations.
Yam usually attain maturity eight to twelve months after planting.
It can be harvested by digging the soil around the yam gently with a cutlass and removing the tuber from the soil with care.

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