The Story of the wise woman called Abigail

The Story of the wise woman called Abigail

Do you know the pretty lady who had sense and kept David from doing bad things.Her name is Abigail.

David ran away from Saul and hid in a cave.Hid brothers and the rest of his family joined him there.About 400 men in all came to him and David became their leader.David went to the king of Moab and said,"Please let my father and mother stay with you until I see what happens to me'.Later David and the men began to hide in the hills.

It was after this that David met Abigail.His husband Nabal was a rich landowner.He had 3000 sheep and 1000 goats.Nabal was a mean man.But his wife was very beautiful.Also,she knows how to do what that is right.Once she even saved her family.

David and his men have been kind to Nabal.They have helped to protect his sheep.So one day David sent some of his men to ask Nabal for a favor.David's men came to Nabal while he and his helpers are cutting the wool off the sheep.It was a feast day and Nabak had many good things to eat.So David said to his men,"We have been kind to you.We have not stolen any of your sheep but have helped to look after them.Now, Please,give us some food"

"I won't give my food to men like you're,Nabaloo said.He speaker in a very mean way and says 9hh things about David.When the men returned and told David about it,David was very angry,"Put on your swords",he told his men.And they start on their way to kill Nabal and his men.

One of Nabal's men who heard the mean words that Nabal spoke told Abigail what happened.Right away Abigail got some food ready.She loaded it on some donkey and started on her way.When she met David,she gets off her donkey, bowed down and said,"Please,sir,pay no attention to my husband Nabal.He is a fool and he does foolish things.Here is a gift.Please take and forgive us"

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