The story of the strongest man in the bible

The story of the strongest man in the bible

Samson was a judge whom God gave so much strength.

Even before he was born,God told his mother,"Soon you will have a son.He will take a lead in saving Isreal from the Philistines"

The Philistines are bad people who live in Canaan.They have many fighting men and they really hurt the isrealites.Once,when Samson is on his way to where the philistines live,a big roaring lion comes out to meet him.But Samson kills the lion with only his bare hands the same way he kills hundreds of bad philisy.

Later on Samson fell in love with a woman named Delilah.The philistines leaders promise that each of them will give Delilah 1,100 pieces of silver if she tells them what makes Samson so strong.Delilah wanted all that money.She is not a true friend of Samson.So she kept asking Samson what it is that that makes him so strong. Finally,Delilah got Samson to tell her the secrets of his strength._My hair has never been cut,he says.😁😊."From the time I was born,God chose me to be a special servant of his called a Nazarite.If my hair was cut I will lose my strength".

When Delilah learned about this,She made Samson to go into a deep sleep on her lap.Then she called in a man and cut his hair.And also,when Samson woke up,he has lost his strength.The Philistines then came in and captured him.

The philistines we're to have a big party to worship their God Dagon and they brought Samson out of prison to mock him.In the mean time, Sam's hair regrew.He prayed to God for strength and takes hold of the pillar.He cried out"Lord,let me die with the philistines.There we're 3,000 Philistines at the party and when Samson bends himself against the pillars the building fell down and killed all the philistines including him.

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