The profile of physiotherapists in Africa

The profile of physiotherapists in Africa

Who are physiotherapists?
Physiotherapists are professional health workers who use physical means to treat their patient such as water, electricity,light,heat etc.
Statistics of physiotherapists in Africa.
Africa has the lowest physiotherapists per resident ratio in the world.

For instance,Sierra Leone has only 4 physiotherapists in the world.In Nigeria,the number are quite large and the first physiotherapy profession was set up in the university of Ibadan in the year 1966.Ghana has only two government universities offering physiotherapy as a course.

In Nigeria,72% of the lecturers we're make while the remaining percent are female59% of the lecturers in Nigeria had a pH.D degree and 32% were M.S degree holders. 34% were senior lecturers,19% lecturer,10% associate professor and 10% professor.

The statistics is not surprising because most of the pioneer and the elite physiotherapists educators in Nigeria received their professional or post graduate education from USA or Canada.

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