How To Become Successful Without A Parent wealth

How To Become Successful Without A Parent wealth

1. Stop making excuses.
I once asked my friend why he has stopped reading great books, what he told me was, “I have no money to buy books”. I told him, until we stop making excuses, our lives will remain the same.

I told him the story of how I borrowed money to buy book, even at a time when I didn't have money to eat. I told him of how I read near 200 books in three years while I only bought about 3 of them. I borrowed all others.
Certain three months of my life, I would travel from my hometown to the state capital (about 30 minutes drive) to go to the national library, just to go and read.

One time my father accused me of running mad and he said that I was reading too much.

We as well have tens of other excuses we make to avoid doing what we should do to achieve what we want. I don't have capital to start business. I am not fortunate because I was born poor. I can't achieve much because I am a lady.

Thousands of excuses are out there and most people never know that they are simply drawing themselves back. If I had made excuse, you will not be reading what you're reading today.

Yes, I have some good excuses I could make if I want to. I was born poor and sickly, with a strange genotype, SC, I spent all my childhood years (17 years) in a hopeless situation.
That was enough to make excuse but I always tell myself, “Whatever it takes, I must achieve something worthwhile with my life!”

2. Thank God you were born poor
Success is only sweet if you have once tasted failure. Riches is only interesting, if only you have tasted poverty.

3. Be willing to pay the price
Yes. Close your eyes and be willing to do whatever you must do to achieve success, so long it`s moral and legal.

4. Manage your time
The only true asset you have is… time.

credit: Steve O. Courage

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Success is only sweet if you have once tasted ............