Tips to Reduce Time Wasters at workplace

Tips to Reduce Time Wasters at workplace

Time wasters are frequent source of frustration for most of us. Here are some tips on reducing low value activities, so you can concentrate on the things that produce meaningful results which are thus:-

1. Ways to Reduce Staff Time Wasters

• Watch the clock. Not theirs, yours! Remember, it’s your time they’re taking so stay conscious of time passing.

• Allocate time. Whether the meeting is informal or formal, state how long you can give and stick to it!

• Get to the point. As quickly as possible summarize the purpose of the discussion and decide if it requires immediate or deferred action. Preferably theirs!

• Ask why? Nicely and often, especially if you are being asked to do something. Beware of “upward delegation”.

• Say no! Nicely and often, as often as is needed to keep your time under control.

2. Ways to Reduce Your Boss Time Wasters

• Firstly your boss will need your time and that is legitimate. What isn’t legitimate is an over loading, or wasting of your time.

So what things can you do, and what do you need to look out for? Tell your boss when you are reaching saturation point.

• Make your boss aware of the consequences if she tries to overload you: “yes I could get that done by then, but that would delay this…”

• Don’t say yes to everything your boss asks you to do, negotiate!

• Ask your boss to prioritise when she gives you a list of tasks.

• When asked to do something: find out details and, if possible, say you’ll get back to her, or take a look at it. Then

work out what the job involves; find out who else could be involved; go back with an answer – “here’s what I can do”.

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