Using A Glucose Meter

Using A Glucose Meter

The glucose meter is a medical device that is used to measure the amount of blood sugar (glucose) level in one's blood.
It is intended for use outside the body (in vitro diagnostic use).
It is not intended for the diagnosis of diabetes mellitus .
A standard glucose meter contains the following :
(1)A meter (2) carrying case (3)Test strips (4)Owner's booklet (5)Lancing device with a cap.

The following steps are taken when testing for one's blood sugar level making use of the glucose meter :

After washing your hands,insert the test strip with its contact bars end in first and facing up into the test port of the meter.
The bars must be fully inserted into the meter for accurate results.The meter turns on automatically and displays the blood symbol.

Use the lancing device to pierce one's fingertip to obtain a drop of blood.Remember a used lancing device must be disposed after use and never used again.

Touch the drop of blood with the absorbent hole of the test strip.
Do not push the blood too much against the test strip or try to apply a smeared sample.

One's blood glucose test result will display on the meter screen soon after.In most glucose meters,the results are automatically stored on the meter memory .
Review the results with the medical professionals as soon as you can.

Turn the glucose meter off by removing the used test strips .Discard the used test strips and the lancets carefully according to one's local regulation.

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