Workplace Distraction Management [ Part -2 ]

Workplace Distraction Management [ Part -2 ]

Other tips needed in managing workplace interruptions and distractions are thus:-
5. Handle email efficiently:- Email can be both a help and a hindrance. Take control by scheduling times to manage your email.
6. Designate yourself as busy:- Activate on your email or instant messages that designates you as busy? Set it during times that you are focused on your projects and would prefer not to be interrupted and tune it off when done.
7. Pick a new location:- If you can work on your project in a quieter location for a while or you could even ask to take your work home for a couple hours so that you don’t have as many in-person interruptions.
8. Try the Pomodoro Technique:- This involves intensely focusing on your project for 25 minutes at a time. You can use an online Tomato Timer to help you time those 25 productive minutes.
9. Manage expectations:- If you’re working on a big project and need to focus on it, don’t be shy to notify people around you to, know this in advance This lets people know that you’re busy and don’t want to be interrupted.
10. Wear headphones:- Even if nobody’s talking directly to you, if noise causes you to lose your focus, see if you could work with headphones on. If people see you working hard with your headphones on, they may be less likely to interrupt you as they walk by.
11. Don’t chime in:- If you really need to focus and are on a tight deadline, minimize the amount you participate in non-work-related conversations happening around you. There’s plenty of time to join in the chatter later in the day, when everyone’s winding down and your projects are completed.
12. Take a walk:- Take a 5-minute walk to clear your head and help you get back to your desk feeling focused and ready to re-start your task.

source: Health Advocate

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