Workplace Distractions Management (1)

Workplace Distractions Management (1)

It’s tough to really get a handle on reducing interruptions in the workplace, as many of them are out of your control—but you can work on learning how to better manage your time and your responses to interruptions so you can regain your productivity faster. Below are top 12 tips to help you minimize the impact of interruptions so that you can stay efficient, or bounce back to productivity quicker:-

1. Control or eliminate self-distractions:- Are you often distracted by social media, the internet, or your phone? Set limits on when and how often you’ll use these things, and during periods of time where you’re not using them, set them aside or don’t log on.
2. Do your most important tasks first:- Work that’s of lesser importance can distract you from doing your most important work.Don’t let these little tasks interrupt the progress you need to make on your bigger goals!
3. Keep a list:- In addition to having a priority list for your tasks, consider keeping another list—an interruptions list. Keep a notepad by your desk and put today’s date on the page. This can help you minimize the impact of the interruption. It allows you to stay mostly focused on the task at hand and to only take a brief break to write the new task down. Writing it down can prevent you from forgetting about the new task.
4. Time-block and batch tasks:- Whenever possible, it’s a good idea to do similar tasks together. it’s best to batch like tasks together so you’re not constantly switching back and forth between the two “brains” you need to do the work. The advantage is that, you’ll have your schedule well-organized with your must-do tasks, which means you can build time to accommodate new tasks around those periods.

Source: Health Advocate

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