4 Productivity secrets of world Billionaires

4 Productivity secrets of world Billionaires

There are more meaningful ways to be your best, which you can learn by inculcating the skills of the world's most successful people. Here are four secrets for getting important work done, according to these billionaires and successful entrepreneurs:-
1. Staying productive is about setting big goals and then taking serious steps to accomplish them. This is why Mark Zuckerberg has done everything from learning Mandarin to meeting a new person each day outside of work -- big goals that fit into his overall vision for work and life. Amazon's Jeff Bezos makes room for big goals by starting with the customer's needs and working backward to build skills to get that work done faster.
2. The way you structure your day can either hurt or help your productivity. When CEO Jack Dorsey was splitting his time between Square and Twitter, he stayed productive by giving each day a theme -- Mondays for management, Tuesdays for product, etc. Then there are the "no-meeting Wednesdays" adopted by Dustin Moskovitz.
3. Set limits for tasks, emails, and meetings:- The businessman and former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn sets time limits on single-purpose, non-operational meetings. Sheryl Sandberg sets another kind of limit which centres on the length of her emails. The Facebook COO and author kept her email response short; which saved a lot of productive time.
4. Establish "deep work" zones:- Focus is the final and perhaps most important productivity secret. Take Bill Gates, for example. In his 20s, he adopted a productivity technique called "deep work." And so he would set aside stretches of time each week to do his most challenging work without any distractions -- no stopping,
Source: https://www.inc.com/brian-de-haaff/the-4-secrets-of-productivity-according-to-7-billi.html

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