Workplace safety tips for working late at night

Workplace safety tips for working late at night

Below are some of the things you can do to mitigate the risk you take by staying late in your place of work:-.

Category 1: Basics to Avoid After Hours of Violence

• Lock all doors, including exterior doors and your office door if possible.

• Turn on as many lights as you can. Light increases situational awareness and can be a deterrent against crime.

• Have a defensive/Improvised weapon (pen, pepper spray, knife etc.) on your person at all times.

• Maintain auditory alertness- keep those earbuds out! If you absolutely must have music or news to listen to, keep it at a low volume on external speakers, so you can still hear sounds and ambient noise from your surroundings.

Category 2: If you are concerned about a co-worker:

• Pre-dial 767 or 112 on your phone to quickly reach police if necessary.

• Stay nearest to the doorway if in same room.

• Try to stay in rooms that are being monitored with security cameras.

• Do not turn your back to them.

Category 3: When your work is done and you are ready to leave:

• Let your check-buddy know that you are leaving the building and will communicate when safely in your car or on public transportation.

• Maintain situational awareness! Stay off the phone while walking to your car. You can text your buddy, or make that call once you are safely in your locked car, and ready to move.

• Have your phone pre-dialed to 767 or 112, and either in your hand, or easily accessible.

• Have your car-keys ready in your hand.

• Carry a bright flashlight (1000 lumens recommended) to illuminate a dark parking lot, check around and inside of vehicles.

• If possible, have a secondary weapon in hand. This can be your flashlight, or striking weapon.

• Have security, or a trusted co-worker walk you to your vehicle.

Be safe!

Source: Trident Shield

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