Charcoal is one of the most neglected products at home.we only see the needs when it's time to set fire for the coalpot users.Charcoal is something we must have on at all time
Benefits of charcoal 1) To prevent bad smells:drop charcoal in the area you think the smell comes from it maybe in the house,shoes and in the poultry. 2) To prevent body odours:it can be used to eradicate strong bodyodour just make a charcoal powder and used rub on the body for 20-30mins before bathing. 3) To make vegetables fresh:nowadays people complained about the use of fertilizers on plants and vegetables making it unhealthy and toxic you have a charcoal solution you don't have to worry all you have to do is leave the vegetables in the charcoal solution during the night andit will take care of the toxins. 4) for treatment of wounds:take a large quantity of charcoal powder and pour on any kinds of wounds and it will heal faster. 5) To get rid of pimples and any other skin diseases:make a thick solutions of charcoal and applyon the affected parts for few hours before taking your bath.

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