Benefits of remote working: Employers and Employee

Benefits of remote working: Employers and Employee

By working remotely, employees are allowed to get their work done outside the conventional workplace/office. Below are ways that working remotely benefits both employers and employees:-

A. To the employer

1. Increased Productive Workforce: Employees are less stressful since they don’t have to commute to the office, thus increasing the productive workforce.

2. Engaged Workforce: An engaged workforce would lead to an improved level of happiness score among employees. It also decreases the company’s churn rate. What this means is that compared to other employers in your industry, you would find it easier to retain your best-hands on the team.

3. Reduced Overhead Costs: Your bottom-line is very important in running a successful organisation. Employers with much more remote workers usually have reduced cost on expenses like furniture, electricity consumption and other miscellaneous spending.

B. To the employees

1. Increased Wellness: If you do not have to spend 2-3 hours of commute to work and probably around the same time navigating your way back home from work, how well do you think this would impact on your wellness and health? These hours employees spend in traffic; especially in densely populated cities like Lagos can be used for activities like going for a run or exercising. This reduces stress and increases employee productivity.

2. Flexible Work Hours: You can take time off during the day to engage yourself with other things you are passionate about while you dedicate a more productive time of the day to getting your work done.

3. Increased Ownership: Your tasks are very clearly spelt out. When you accomplish them, you get all the accolades you deserve and vice versa.

Source: Princewill Akuma from Jobberman

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