The Change Management Principle

The Change Management Principle

Change management is the systematic approach to transitioning from one environment to another through the reassignment of resources that significantly alter a company or organization.

Here are six major principles of change management that will help to prepare you for this responsibility:-

1. State your case;- Data is of essence in this case. Once you’ve articulated the need for change with quantifiable data and the aim, present a roadmap that will show how your plan in achieving your objective. That way, everyone starts on the same page.

2. Take it from the top: - You must first accept change or the New Direction followed by your team before your clients will accept it. In addition to being positive, you must ensure alignment amongst yourself and the other leaders in your organization.

3. Don’t forget about the little guys:- Changes involve all layers of your staff, and it can be easy to prioritize some over others. When navigating difficult transitions, even one squeaky wheel can be a problem. Make sure that you provide a structured plan to each member of your team, and take everyone’s concerns into consideration.

4. Provide ownership:- Ensure that each task has been assigned an owner and hold them accountable for that process.

5. Account for the subtle changes, too:- It’s important to analyze the transition from all angles to make sure that there are no surprises during your rollout. Note that growth is stunted because smaller, more immediate changes, aren’t considered with as much regard as the more prominent ones

6. There will always be surprises:- Effectively managing transitions requires you to constantly update your assessment of the impact it’s having, and the outcome it will have on your organization.

Source: https://www.sandler.com

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