Steps in Nigeria’s Court Wedding (Part 2)

Steps in Nigeria’s Court Wedding (Part 2)

Other steps are thus:-

Step #5:- You’re expected to swear an affidavit before the registrar or a recognized minister of religion. In the course of swearing affidavit, the registrar would reiterate the requirements and explain the penalties involved. Violation of any of the rule will lead to prosecution and the person may be jailed for up to five years. However, if there’s no breach indicated the Registrar signs a declaration/affidavit to show that the couple understands the implications under the law and have met and satisfied all that has been required of them.

Step #6:- Once the necessary consent, to the marriage has been obtained, the Minister will dispense with the giving of notice, issue the certificate, and grant his/her license, known as Form D. This form authorizes the celebration of a marriage between the parties named in such license.

Step #7:- With the legal authorization granted, the couple then chooses a wedding date which should be within 3 months from the date the notice was placed with the registry.

Step #8:- This is the wedding day. The couple comes along with their family members and friends. At this point the marriage is finalized. There are usually other couples that have come for the same reason. The ceremony is usually not longer than 30 minutes. In the course of the proceedings, the Registrar would print the marriage certificates in duplicate and with counterfoils as in the FORM E.

Generally, every certificate of marriage should be filed in the Registrar’s office according to the FORM F.

And that’s it, you’re married, a court wedding in Nigeria is quite straight forward, you just need to follow the right steps.

Source: 2019 – Nigeria Finder

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