33,000 Naira NYSC allowance, is it the way out?

33,000 Naira NYSC allowance, is it the way out?

The National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) is a scheme set up by the Nigerian government to involve Nigerian graduates in nation building and the development of the country.

There has been a great jubilation among corp members and intending ones following the increase of the NYSC allowance from 19,800 Naira to 33,000 Naira.

The increase in the allowance is a welcome development but the question we need to ask ourselves is what impact will 33,000 Naira create towards the fight of unemployment in the country? Getting 33,000 Naira monthly will amount to 396,000Naira in a year, the funny thing is that most of the money if not all will be used to pay for bills such as feeding, transportation etc.
which means that the corp members will be left with little or nothing after the service. Once they are done with the service, they are thrown into the real world where they start battling on how to get a job which barely exists.

The truth is that 33,000 Naira NYSC allowance cannot guarantee the success of graduates, developing practicable strategies to fight unemployment is the only way out and not mere 33,000 Naira. The government should provide jobs for graduates and make business grants and low interest rate loans available for those that want to go into entrepreneurship.

Also, the process of recruiting workers should be made free and fair so that those with the right capability and competence will be the ones to get employed and not a situation where employers recruit only their families and friends leaving those with the right skills frustrated.

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