How to make palm kernel oil

How to make palm kernel oil

The oil palm can produce two distinct oils - palm oil extracted from fresh fruit and palm kernel oil obtained from the nuts. Both palm oil and palm kernel oil are widely used in various industries, including food, chemical and others. You can start this business because Palm kernel oil requires less complicated technology and more simple equipment. In order to ensure smooth palm kernel oil production, kindly adopt the following palm kernel oil processing steps and the basic equipment needed for its production process:

First, get palm kernel clean. Palm kernel should be cleaned through certain cleaning equipment or just by manual. Since the impurities may contain stones, sands, iron impurities, metallic debris and more, it is better to use cleaning machine or sieving machine to remove all these impurities to better protect the Palm Kernel Oil Expeller Machine.

Second, crush palm kernel. Original palm kernel is better crushed into small size by professional crushing machines for easy processing.

Third, separate kernel and nut shell. There are two ways of separation, we usually use palm kernel cracking and separating machine .

Fourth, press palm kernel. Before pressing, the palm kernel should be cooked or heated for higher quality oil and cake. Then, the pre-treated raw material is feed into Palm Kernel Expeller Machine.

Lastly, refine and get pure palm kernel oil. Pressed crude palm kernel oil should be refined through palm kernel oil refinery plant to get pure and edible oil.

Source https://www.palmoilextractionmachine.com/FAQ/how_to_make_palm_kernel_oil_630.html

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