Brief history of Roselyn Ngissah

Brief history of Roselyn Ngissah

Ghanaian actress, Roselyn Ngissah was born on the 8th of February. Roselyn Ngissah grew up in Lagos Nigeria, where she had her basic education before relocating back to Ghana. On getting to Ghana, she studied Theatre Art and graduated in 2008. Roselyn had her first role in a movie titled Sicily which was produced in 2004 by Correlle pictures. Some of the TV series such as Tentacles, I stand accused, Omanbapa and Broadway.

Roselyn Ngissah first leading role which was released in 2010 won her the Best Actress in 2010 Ghana Movie Awards and also another international awards which she won due to her perfomance in somewhere in Africa.
Roselyn Ngissah is a respected Ghanaian actress who has carved a niche for herself on both local and foreign sectors as her name rings like a bell and her face clamoured for by fans across the world. She has paid her dues as far as the African movie industry is concerned.

Roselyn film career began in earnest, when she landed supporting roles in ‘Princess Tyra” (2007) produced by Venus films, ‘Power of the gods’ produced by Gupado and Marhills films and ‘Sin of the soul’ (2009) by Heroes productions.

Wide acknowledgment started rolling in after she had fantastically performed well in ‘4Play’ in 2010, a role which was her first leading role in a major film. That also gave her the accolade as 2010 Best actress at the Ghana Movie Awards alongside Jackie Appiah, Juliet Ibrahim and Yvonne Okoro. It didn’t end there as another great performance in the movie ‘Somewhere in Africa’ gave her another international award amidst the numerous nominations that followed.

Source: https://africanmania.com/roselyn-ngissah/

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