Brief history of Kanayo O. Kanayo

Brief history of Kanayo O. Kanayo

Kanayo O. Kanayo (also known as KOK) is just a nickname. His birth name is Anayo Modestus Onyekwere. Kanayo was born on March 1, 1962, in southeastern Nigeria. His parents are Donatus and Isabella Onuekwere are from Nru Umueze in Imo State. Kanayo spent his childhood in the family of his elder brother, whose name is John Onyekwere. John's parents were profoundly religious people, so they brought up their son and nephew as Christian men.

Kanayo O. Kanayo received his primary and secondary education in Nigeria at Saint Joseph Primary School and Ahiara Boys Secondary School respectively. Then He entered the University of Lagos, where he received a Bachelor's degree in Philosophy and Master's degree in Political sciences.
Kanayo O. Kanayo is happily married to Nneka Onyekwere and they have four children.

Kanayo O. Kanayo is well-known for his first Nollywood film "Living in Bondage" (1992). This debut movie denotes the start of his distinguished career and put him into the prominent position in Nollywood film industry. Especially, he is a fantastic performer when it comes to playing the part of a ritual character. Every producer knows there is nobody better for this role in the whole Nigerian film industry than Kanayo O. Kanayo.

After graduating from the University of Lagos, he played as a guest star in the popular Nigeria TV-show "New Masquerade His biggest breakthrough was his debut movie "Living in Bondage," where he played a part of Chief Omego, and this role brought him enormous success. African Movie Academy awards honored him such awards as the Most Prominent Actor in Nigeria and as the Best Actor in a Leading Role for his outstanding acting in 2005 and 2006 respectively.

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