Non-Monetary Employee Rewards That Spur Productivity

Non-Monetary Employee Rewards That Spur Productivity

Employee rewards play a vital role in helping you build a better-engaged workforce. Rewarding and motivating your employees should not always translate into increasing their salaries. There are other ways to show your top performers that you appreciate their hard work, innovative spirit and commitment which includes:-

1. Offer Leadership Opportunities:- Someone once said the reward for doing a good job is more job. Competence begets more trust in an employee to do more. Reward employees by offering them new leadership opportunities. This helps them grow their skills and career profile.

2. Offer Training Opportunities:- What this does is that it helps them expand their range of skillset and expertise and will impact their career. Your organisation also benefits from this directly as such an employee is bound to become more productive and efficient.

3. Awards:- Consider setting up a reward system where employees are presented with awards of recognition for their top-notch performance. This can be designed to happen annually, quarterly or monthly and is a good non-monetary way to show appreciation to your workforce.

4. Thank You Notes;- A congratulatory thank you note to an outstanding employee or a company-wide announcement of their achievements will make your employee feel appreciated. This also serves as an incentive to other employees to perform better.

5. Offer Flexibility:- In the age of technological advancement, a lot of employees enjoy the option of working remotely. How about offering flexible working hours or days for top performers in your organisation.

6. Welfare Perks:- Offer welfare perks like lunch to the top performers in your organisation.

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