What is Coronavirus and Symptoms of Coronavirus

What is Coronavirus and Symptoms of Coronavirus

Coronaviruses are a large group of viruses that are common among animals. In rare cases, they are what scientists call zoonotic, meaning they can be transmitted from animals to humans. The disease was prominent in China but alien to Nigeria as at January 31, 2020.
Coronavirus symptoms include a runny nose, cough, sore throat, possibly a headache and maybe a fever, which can last for a couple of days. For those with a weakened immune system, the elderly and the very young, there's a chance the virus could cause a lower, and much more serious, respiratory tract illness like a pneumonia or bronchitis.
Viruses can spread from human contact with animals. Scientists think MERS started in camels, according to the WHO. With SARS, scientists suspected civet cats were to blame. When it comes to human-to-human transmission of the viruses, often it happens when someone comes into contact with the infected person's secretions.
Depending on how virulent the virus is, a cough, sneeze or handshake could cause exposure. The virus can also be transmitted by touching something an infected person has touched and then touching your mouth, nose or eyes. Caregivers can sometimes be exposed by handling a patient's waste, according to the Centre for Disease Control (CDC).
There is no specific treatment. Doctors can relieve symptoms by prescribing a pain or fever medication. The CDC says a room humidifier or a hot shower can help with a sore throat and cough. Drink plenty of fluids, get rest and sleep as much as possible. If symptoms feel worse than a standard cold, see your doctor.
Handful of human coronaviruses that are known to be deadly are Middle East Respiratory Syndrome also known as the MERS virus and Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, also known as SARS
Source: By Jen Christensen, CNN

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