The thyroid gland

The thyroid gland

The thyroid gland is a butterfly-shapee gland that straddles the trachea in front of the neck.It develops from the envagination of the floor of the pharynx and a thyroglossal duct marking the path of the thyroid from the tongue to the neck sometimes persists in the adult.

The two lobes of the human thyroid concerned with the production of the road hormone consist of multiple acini(follicles).Each spherical follicle is surrounded by a single layer of polarized epithelial cells and filled with pink-staineing proteiacous material called colliod.

Colloid consists predominantly of the glycoprotein, thyroglobulin.When the gland is inactive, the colloid is abundant,the follicles are large and the cells lining them are flat.

When the gland is active,the follicles are small, the cells are cuboid or columnar and areas where the colloid is being reabsorbed into the thyrocytes are visible as reabsorption lacunae.

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