The sex gonads

The sex gonads

Development of the Gonads.

The gonads develop from the genital ridge located near the adrenal gland. They are made of germ cells and endocrine cells which secrete hormones.
The ridge are made up of a cortex and medulla which develops into the female and male sex gonads.

In the male gonad,the cortex regresses while the medulla develops into the male sex organ called the testis.In the female gonad, the cortex develops into the female sex organ called the Ovary.

The gonads are bifunctional organ in that they produce germ cells and endocrine hormones.
In the male, the testis has germ cells which produce spermatozoa and hormones like Testosterone (Leydig cells),Inhinbin(Sertoli cells).The female gonad also produces ova and hormones such as Oestrogen and Progesterone.

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The Inhinbin is a hormone