Facts about the Ozone

Facts about the Ozone

The Ozone
Nature and Occurrence
Ozone is an allotrope of oxygen.It is found in the stratosphere (upper atmosphere) as a pale-blue gas.
It shields the earth from the intense ultra-violet radiation of the sun.

Methods of Formation
1.Ozone is formed when a silent electric discharge is passed through a tube of oxygen.The reaction is reversible and endothermic.
2.It is also formed in the stratosphere by the action of ultraviolet light in molecules of oxygen.
In both cases, Oxygen molecules dissociates into atoms which then combine with oxygen molecules at high temp to form ozonized oxygen.
The formation of ozone is an endothermic and a dynamic equilibrium process.

Physical Properties
1.Ozone is a pale-blue gas which gives a blue liquid when liauified at -112C.
2. It is poisonous, slightly soluble in water and unstable at ordinary temperature.

Chemical Properties
1. It decomposes on standing at ordinary temperature, showing that it is more reactive than oxygen.
2. It is a stronger oxidizing agent than oxygen,oxidized to sulphur(1V) with liberation of oxygen.

Uses of Ozone
1. It is a source of oxygen.
2. Used as a disinfectant

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