Basic Components Of A Computer (1)

Basic Components Of A Computer (1)

Several component work synchronously to make a computer give its desired result. The 1st 3 are:
1. PROCESSOR: It is otherwise known as central processing unit (CPU). It is the brain of the computer. Processors can either be pined or pinless. Ealier models of processor are P1, P2, P3 and P4 processors, which are mostly pined. Later models are dual core, core 2 and the core i series processors and they are mostly pinless. The speed of the processor is usually rated in GHz. Common brands of processors are intel, MMX, AMD e.t.c. Intel has the largest varieties of processors and this include the intel R, intel pentium, intel atom, intel celeron e.t.c.
2. HARD DISK: it is called HDD for short. The hard disk has two distinct types. They are integrated device electronics (IDE) and the SATA (Serial advanced technology). The SATA is the commonest hard disk today. It is found in both laptops and desktops. Hard disk come in different capacity like 20GB, 40GB. 80GB, 150GB, 300GB, 500GB 1TB( 1 terabyte), 2TB ( 2 terabyte) e.t.c . It is main or permanent storage enviroment of the computer. All windows files, computer applications and processed files and directories are stored in the hard disk.
3. RANDOM ACCESS MEMORY: It is abbreviated as RAM and also has two types. The SIMM bank (Single Inline Memory Module) and the DIMM bank (Double Inline Memory Module). The SIMM bank popularly called SD RAM can be identified by its two hunches and is found in ealier computers like P1, P2 and P3 computers. It is no longer in vogue. The DIMM bank also referred to as DD RAM has 1 hunch and is found in P4, dual core, core 2 and i series computers. The DD RAM has different models like DDR1, DDR2, DDR3, DDR4 e.t.c. The RAM is volatile in the sense that information stored in the RAM may

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