Simple chemistry Laboratory Apparatus

Simple chemistry Laboratory Apparatus

The most essential and frequently used apparatus include-
1.Crystallising dish-is made of thick glass.It is cylindrical,rimless and has a flat bottom.It is used in holding a solution for crystallization.

2.Evaprationdisk-is made of porcelain.It may be round-,bottomed or flat-bottomed, usually shallow and with spout.It is used in evaporating liauid solution to dryness.

3.Bell jar-is made of thick glass,it is cylindrical,wide,tall and usually with a knob or tubule at the top It is used in combustion experiment.

4.Glass jar-is made of glass and with a flat glass cover.It is used for collecting games.

5.Beehive shelf-madr of porcelain and is used to support the glass jar during the collection of gas over water


7.Dropping bottle-is made of clear glass with groove in the stopper.It is used in keeping or dispensing a liquid that is required in drops, during experiment,for instance,the indicator-used during acid-base titration.

9.Sample bottle-is of glass or plastic with screw cap

10.Wash bottle

11.Weighing bottle

12.Woulff's bottle-made of thick glass and has two mouths.It is used during the preparation of dry gases-to hold liquid that are employed as drying agent.Woulff's bottle is often wrongly called wash bottle.

13.Aspirator bottle


15.Bunsen burner







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