Story : Obi, The copy cat

Story :   Obi, The copy cat

There was once a village called Ozubulu.and in the village,there was a popular school called All saints comprehensive school.

A boy attended the school with his friend,Obi,an all boys school.
But then,Emeka who lived with his grandmother was a deceptive human.He would always tap Obi on the shoulder that they should sneak out during school hours especially at 9.00am in the morning to go and pluck mangoes.After that,they usually proceed to the stream called Achuru.Here they would goat,laugh and play before heading back home.

At home,Obi would always be the one visiting Emeka as his parents would see him with his bag loaded with textbooks as they would ask him fondly,"Where are you going'and Obi will reply,"I am going to Emeka place to study with him."And they would (the father and the mother )all chorused ,"That's nice.

Later during a certain time,the grandmother was not comfortable seeing them playing football playing football around in the compound as he dismissed Obi while pushing Emeka back to the house.Emeka would burn the midnight candle after whiling away his time with Obi.
Three days was the day for their exam and the first paper was mathematics.Emeka and Obi were brought to the front row by their mathematics teacher,Uncle Shade.

As Obi saw the questions,he was shocked.He hardly ever attended classes and even found it hard remembering his name.Slowlu Slowly,he turned his neck towards Emeka as he saw Emeka's pen dancing furiously on the answer sheet.

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The name of the deceptive pupil was