The Internet Formation

The Internet Formation

The internet is built around four fundamental services namely: Mail service, Telnet (Telecommunications network), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) and Client/server facility.
1. Mail service: The introduction of mail service on the internet is one service that made the internet popular. One of the commonest thing that bring people online is checking of mails. Internet mail service has over shadowed the conventional posting of letters which can take days to arrive its destination. With internet mail service, message is sent from one email address to another with arrival at the destination email almost instantly.
2. Telnet: A short representation for Telecommunications network. It allows one to create a terminal session with a remote computer. Using Telnet, one can login to a remote host computer at the other end of the world. One can access the computer the conventional way whenever a connection is established. However, login details of the remote computer must be made available and this automatically makes one the administrator to the remote computer at that end. Telnet also allows two programs to work hand in hand by exchanging data over the internet.
3. FTP: It stands for File Transfer Protocol. It enables transfer of files from one computer to another. FTP makes it possible to transfer file from a remote host to your computer, transfer files from your computer to a remote host computer or transfer files from one remote host to another. Technically, these three processes are referred to as downloading, uploading and file copying.
4. Client/server facility: whenever two or more computers want to access the internet at the same time, they can be connected using the client/server system of networking. The server connects directly to the internet and send packets to other PC

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