The Roles of the Film Production Team

The Roles of the Film Production Team

The following are the various people involved in film production.
This person is essentially the group leader and is responsible for managing the production from start to finish.

* Director
The director is primarily responsible for overseeing the shooting and assembly of a film.

* Screenwriter
While the dialogue in a film may seem natural to the viewer, a writer carefully crafts it; however, the screenwriter does far more than provide dialogue for the actors.

* Production Designer
Before one inch of film is shot, the production designer is the first artist to translate the script into visual form. He or she creates a series of storyboards that serve as the film's first draft.
* Art Director
The art director is responsible for the film's settings: the buildings, landscapes and interiors that provide the physical context for the characters.

* Costume Designer
Costumes convey a great deal about the film's time period and the characters who wear them, including their economic status, occupation and attitude toward themselves. Be sure to think about how costuming can show something about the character visually.

* Cinematographer
The director of photography, or DP, is responsible for capturing the script on film or video.

* Editor
Shortly after shooting begins, the editor begins to organize the footage and arranges individual shots into one continuous sequence.Actors
Responsible for portraying the characters in a film, actors work closely with the director and cinematographer. Considering an actor's role within this larger context also suggests that his or her job is much more difficult than just appearing on the set and reciting lines.

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