5 Diseases That Can Be Tackled With Honey

5 Diseases That Can Be Tackled With Honey

1. Teeth/Tooth ache: Mix honey with lime juice and give it to a child of not less than six months suffering from tooth ache (twice daily).

2. Sickler: When your child is a sickler get a half piece of lime and half a piece of an orange, get an egg yolk, mix them all, add a spoonful of honey into the mixture, give the child to drink all at once. Continue with it on daily basis. The child would be alright.

3. Pains:
(i) Rheumatic pains: get an egg yolk, a lime, an orange, squeeze their juices and filter it, mix it with banana and honey. Put the mixture in a clean bottle that has a proper cork. Take two spoonful of it three times daily.
(ii) General body pains: boil plum tree leaf, add two spoonful of honey and take a cup of it everyday.

4. Stomach problems:
(i) Stomach ache that does not allow a person to sleep in the night. The person should take two spoonful of the honey after each meal. It stops the pain.
(ii) Stomach cancer: mix half cup of honey with a cup of fresh warm cow milk, add a spoonful of dried banana skin powder, stir it and drink the mixture. It should be repeated two times a day for a period of two months.
(iii) Diarrhea: mix a small spoon of garlic powder, with a small spoonful of the seed of common cress powder, with a cup of tomato juice, and half cup of honey and a little salt. Mix them well and drink it all. It should be done two times a day for three days. If symptoms persists continue with it for one week.
(iv) Constipation: Pour a spoonful of honey in a cup of cow milk and drink it all after swallowing one garlic. It should repeated every morning for five days.

5. Ear diseases: Ear discharging mucus, or pimples, or itching or it has worm. Mix hot water with a little salt, add honey and stir, put two drops in each ear before going to bed.

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