The Consequences Of ICT Devices On Teenagers

The Consequences Of ICT Devices On Teenagers

No doubt about it, information and communications technology (ICT) has definitely made the world a better place for all. It has made a lot positive impact on the teenagers of today. No wonder this epoch is referred to as the computer age. Anything and everything is tendering towards digital technology. With the aid of the computer, something that could take days to accomplish is achieved in matters of seconds now. The computer has continued to proof its definition right, as a device that makes work easier and faster to accomplish. With more and more great inventions yet to come in this regards, the sky can only be starting point for digital and computerized world.
As it has been rightly confirmed, there is nothing good without a bad side too. Early exposure to ICT is really impacting negatively on teenagers of today. They are mostly distracted by a lot of ICT devices like ipods, ipads, tablets, blackberry, android phones etc. With these devices, they come in contact with X rated and explicit contents, spend there precious time playing computer games or visiting social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, whatapps e.t.c.
These new age leisure techniques that teenagers of today derive so much pleasure in and engage themselves has completely replaced old time leisure methods like engaging in folk plays & games, folk songs & dances, story telling, rendering voluntary & humanitarians services, joining social clubs like the boys scout, girls guide, red cross, boys brigade e.t.c.
The teenagers of today have succeeded in establishing a great social online presence to the detriment of their academics, religious and moral standards. Unlike before whereby teenagers are encouraged to embrace the world of books and literatures, social media exercises like chatting etc

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