Various Categories Of Online Traffic

Various Categories Of Online Traffic

The success of every website depends on the amount of traffic or how many visitors or users it is able to attract. The more the traffic to a site, the more the business it is likely to generate and the more money it is likely to make.
However, high hits to a site don’t just happen overnight. It is a gradual process and the end result of hard work, focus, determination, perseverance, imagination, creativity and being able to proffer solutions to specific or various kinds of problems with your website.
Whenever people go online, they are either looking for information, solutions or pleasures. So therefore, channeling your website in line with these three online necessities can transform the traffic to your site beyond imagination.
Therefore, it is paramount to know the various online traffic sources available in order to ascertain that which suites your site traffic needs. They are:
1.Organic traffic: Organic traffic are traffic from search engines like Google, yahoo, Bing, Baidu etc. Understanding Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and keywords research can drive high organic traffic to your site.
2. Targeted traffic: Targeted traffic are traffic derived from sharing the contents of your website mainly on social media platforms like facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, Google plus, pinterest etc.
3. Paid traffic: You can as well buy traffic to your site. There are lots of sites offering this service. Sites such as traffic dynamite, traffup, traffic swirl, traffic ape, traffic boost etc all offer traffic purchase service to would be buyers.
4. Free traffic: You can generate free traffic to your site through the use of applications such as traffic spirit, fake traffic hit, traffic ape, fake traffic generator etc. All you need do is download the app, install on your PC

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