Communication and it's main body (1)

Communication and it's main body (1)

Communication is an essential part of human existence, it signifies normal life. The absence of communication is associated with abnormality or even death so communication is crucial to social, corporate and political life. Which means no human on Earth can survive without communication as the case may be.
Communication has been define as transferring of thought or message to another party so that it can be understood and acted upon.

There are four key element to communication and these are
1. Channel: channel is the most crucial importance part of communication because if there is no channel in which message or information will pass through communication does not exist. So channel stand as chain of communication.

2. Encoder: This is another key element of communication, encoder is said to be the one sending a message.

3. Decoder: decoder is another form of communication element who refers to the receiver of the message or information.

4. Feedback: if there is no feedback communication is incomplete. Feedback is also takes the most valuable impact in terms of communication.

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