4 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student

4 Easy Ways To Make Money As A Student

Here are 4 easy ways to make money as a student in Nigeria.

1. Take private home lessons
Taking private home lessons is something that shouldn’t consume too much of your time. In fact, you can combine and integrate it with your study seamlessly.

Similarly, I had several course mates who were not so strong financially and had to take private home lessons for some extra-bucks. And they still ended up doing exceptionally well academically.

2. Organize tutorials for fellow students
Truth be told, not all the students in school are so strong academically. And such students need assistance to learn or understand certain topics.

If you’re very strong academically, these are opportunities you must take advantage of. I know you could offer freebies, but that shouldn’t be done when you’re in need of extra-bucks to cater for several needs.

Your target students could be the freshers if you your direct course mates would be too much of a task to handle.

3. Sell Mobile phone accessories
You can make cool money while in school selling Phone accessories such as Charger, earpiece, Bluetooth speaker, Memory Card to student in your hostels. This is really simple as you don't need much capital.

4. Build and publish a mobile app
Are you skilled at app development?

Or maybe you’re studying computer science, which is a field closely related to app development. If that’s the case for you, then building and publishing a mobile app will even make more sense.

After working on and publishing a mobile app on Google Playstore, you won’t have to be directly involved in anything anymore. If the android lovers enjoy the app you built, they’ll download and you get to make a few bucks from your app with AdMob.

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