12 signs you’re in a backup relationship ( 2)

12 signs you’re in a backup relationship ( 2)

#4 Facebook official. NOT. Much like the first two signs, he doesn’t really want to define the relationship with you or with the public, for that matter. So even if you are romantically involved, he will not change his Facebook relationship status. These days, your social media status is the gold standard of relationship definition, so if he refuses to change it from “Single” to “In a Relationship” with you, then he just doesn’t want any commitment with you

#5 Last minute tango. The thing with you being a backup lover is that he knows you’re always available for him. You may often drop everything on your plate when he calls you up for a last minute date. Therefore, he knows that when his other dates have backed out on him, or that ex he clearly still has feelings for doesn’t want to go out with him, he can call you up last minute. After all, he already made a reservation and is wearing his best suit.

#6 Convenience in store. He comes in and out of your life at his own convenience. One minute he’ll call you up just for reassurance that you have feelings for him, but he will not share his feelings for you. Then, he’ll disappear and be unavailable for a while. He will not answer your calls or text you back – that is, until he wants something from you again.

#7 Can’t move on. If you’re his ex, he still keeps you around, which makes you feel in a total limbo as to what you really mean to him. After breaking up with you, he still calls you up and talks to you like he used to do when you were together, but you know he is out on the prowl for a new girlfriend, especially when he tells you about this new girl he’s seeing.
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