STIs that condoms cannot prevent

STIs that condoms cannot prevent

There is a risk of contacting a particular STI present in an infected partner whether condom is used or not. It is so because, condoms do not cover every part of the reproductive organ, E.g the scrotum sac of a man using condom lays bare and exposed to risk, if there is an intercourse between such man and an infected lady. examples of STIs that can be contacted during sexual intercourse in defiance to the use of condoms.

1. Genital And Oral Herpes: Herpes is a contagious virus that leaves sores in the genitals or mouth of an affected individual. When such sore meets with the skin of a partner during sex, Herpes could be transmitted in defiance to the use of condoms.

2. Molluscum Contagiosum: M.C is another sexually transmitted virus that is present in the skin of an infected person in the form of bumps. Molluscum can be spread between parties once there is skin contact, whether condom is used or not

3.Pubic Lice: (also known as crabs) easily affect those who do nothing about grooming. Keeping pubic hair may expose one to the risk of contacting pubic lice if sexual intercourse is struck with a carrier of pubic lice. The use of condoms has no value in preventing the spread of pubic lice.

4. HPV(Genital Warts): This is a very common STI which appears in the anus or genitals. It comes in the form of a small growth caused by a virus. That is, when the affected area meets the skin of an unaffected individual, a transmission takes place whether condom is used or not.

5. Syphilis: also a common STI that defiles the use of condoms. Syphilis presents itself in the form of a sore.It is caused by a bacterium-“Treponema pallidum” Syphilis is like Herpes, but carriers may feel pains in affected areas.

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