Bitter Kola ;Benefit and Usefulness of Bitter kola

Bitter Kola ;Benefit and Usefulness of Bitter kola

Botanical Name: Garcinia kola
Yoruba Name: Orogbo
Bitter kola is one of those herbs that must always be available in the home as it is used for many emergencies. It is very useful in many chronic conditions like hypertension, diabetes, arthritis, glaucoma, sickle cell disease, cataract, and liver problems. For cardio-vascular disease and hypertension grind bark of bitter kola finely and sieve.
Keep in bottle and swallow 1 teaspoon of it with one glass of water twice daily. Also in hypertension, chew with garlic and onion or with air plant (abamoda, Yoruba).

For the treatment of sickle cell disease grind bitter kola, dry pigeon peas leaves (cajanus cajan) (otili, Yoruba) finely and mix thoroughly with aloe vera gel and honey.
Take 1 teaspoonful 3 times daily. To treat sickle cell crisis use the preparation composed as follows: Fagara root + 50 pieces orogbo (bitter kola) ground finely + one stem of aloe vera mixed in one litre of honey and leave to mature for two weeks.
This preparation may also be used immediately during a crisis. For gluacoma and cataract practitioners use aqueous extract of orogbo (bitter kola) as eye drop. Use bitter kola as a digestive. Chew bitter kola after a meal to aid digestion. For cough crush leaves of bryophyllum (resurrection plant) and grind bitter kola and mix with honey. Take 1 desert spoonful thrice daily for a week. Chew 1-2 bitter kola daily for a long time to remedy and prevent liver problems.
This habit can also help to prevent cancer. Mix bitter kola powder with palm kernel oil and palm oil and take a spoonful immediately as an antidote to poison. For mumps in children grind bitter kola wit catnip and apply to the area.

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