7 Steps to Effective Recruitment (Part 2)

7 Steps to Effective Recruitment (Part 2)

Step 3 – Finding candidates
The two methods for this are:- Internal methods:
A. Staff referrals
B. Succession planning
C. Secondments
It is important not to forget the internal talent pool, because it provides opportunities for development and career progression; which are important factors for employee retention and motivation.
External methods

These processes are online recruitment, Press advertising, Networking, Open days for the larger organisation and advertising. Advertising remains the most common means of attracting and recruiting. Advertisements should be clear and indicate the requirements of the job, necessary and the desirable criteria for job applicants, job location, reward package, job tenure, and details of how to apply. It should also be genuine and relate to a job that actually exists. They should appeal to all sections of the community using positive visual images and wording.

Step 4 – Managing the application process
There are two main formats in which applications are likely to be received: the curriculum vitae (CV)/résumé or application. These can be submitted either on paper/hardcopy or electronically.
Application forms
Application forms allow information to be presented in a consistent format, and therefore make it easier to collect information from job applicants in a systematic way and assess objectively the candidate’s suitability for the job.

CVs give candidates the opportunity to sell themselves in their own way and don’t have the restrictions of fitting information into a form. However, some candidates include irrelevant material that makes them harder to assess consistently.

Source: John F. Morrissey & Co (JFMLAW | Apr 29, 2014)

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